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Bright Life Connections is a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) serving the developmentally disabled population in the Greater Denver Area.

  • Community Connector (HCBS-CES)

  • Day Habilitation-Specialized Habilitation (HCBS-DD; HCBS-SLS)

  • Day Habilitation-Supported Community Connections (HCBS-DD;HCBS-SLS)

  • Homemaker (HCBS-SLS; HCBS-CES)

  • Mentorship (HCBS-SLS)

  • Non-medical Transportation (HCBS-DD: HCBS-SLS)

  • Residential Habilitation Services (IRSS/Host Home (HCBS-DD)

Services and supports are unique to the individual. We provide our support based on client-specific needs. Family caregivers and providers are provided state-regulated training. We facilitate compliance, administration, and payroll.


This includes monthly wellness and safety checks for in-person visits. We welcome caregivers that clients bring with them. We also recruit caregivers to match the needs of clients. The health, safety, and overall wellness of clients and caregivers are of the utmost importance to us.


Please call or email for a complimentary consultation



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